Photo of Kimono

Would you love to leave a sweet memory while you are taking a walk in Asakusa? We have professional photographers to take fancy photos for you️❤️

Photography Plan

Asakusa 1 hour Plan

We provide the service of guide our customers the famous beauty spots while we are taking photos. We promise to offer the customers at least 100 photos, and at least 20 of them will be beautifully dealed with by photoshop (e.g. color correction, tone adjustment, portrait adjustment).

The price 15,000 yen
Street snap

You can easily enjoy a plan of high quality photos. We will take photos around Asakusa Hanayashiki street, and offer 10 best of photo shots.

The price 2,500 yen
Tokyo 1 Day Plan

If you want to take photos not only in Asakusa, but also in other places, we'll arrange a schedule for you. Please contact us about details.

The price 50,000 yen〜
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・We offer female photographer for girls' group.
・If you want to extend of time of the Asakusa location's plan, feel free to ask about that.
・We also offer to take video.
・Photo print service is also available.
・Payment: cash or credit card.
・The price of Kimono is not included in the photography plan.
・All the price is tax-out.

About kimono's rent

Our store can provide kimono rent service for 6,000yen~/ person.
・In otder to take photos with high quality kimono, our cooperation shop will provide cute and beautiful kimono.

・You can wear high quality kimono even if you don't want to go for a stroll for a long time.
・If you want to take photos with causal kimono, it will also be available.

If you have any further questions or request, please contact us.

Photography process


Please select a date and the plan you would like to take. If you want to rent kimono via us, we also can make a reservation for you.

※You can make a reservation in others kimono shops by yourself.


After you change into kimono clothes, please come to our store or designated place. Our photographer will discuss with you about pose and scene.


Our photographer will communicate with you while taking photos. After the shoot you can take a walk around.


After shoot we'll adjust the photos for you. And fter that we will send you a download URL via E-mail.

Additional skin modification is available but requests for further charges.

Reservations on the day before and on the day may not be accepted. Please download the data from the cloud service within 30 days from the shooting date. Please tell us if you would like to hand over the data on the day. Shooting will be canceled in bad weather. Regarding the extension of the shooting time, it may not be possible to extend the shooting time depending on the next shooting start time. Transportation expenses are required for location shooting outside the Asakusa area. Shooting after sunset has an effect on the quality of the photos, so we recommend a daytime shooting time if possible.